Handmade Jewellery/Accessories


I prefer using high quality materials in the creation of my jewellery such as silver, yellow gold, white gold and gold filled wire. These metals help to achieve a refined and delicate finish which I strive for in all my work.


Alongside my metal work I also work with wool. The qualities of wool mean that colours can be blended together to create vibrant statement pieces, whilst remaining soft and delicate. Often I incorporate metal detailing which I think adds another dimension, especially as metal and wool are materials rarely seen together.


Having a unique, one of a kind piece of jewellery is often very desirable. I am happy to make an individual creation for anyone. I have skills in enamelling, silversmithing, stone setting, casting, knitting & crochet (with wire), texturising metal and engraving.


My work

I work by combining my love of knitting and crochet with my skills as a jeweller. Previously, I worked in the two mediums separately, the combination is exciting as they are often considered to be disparate but create a unique outcome. Alongside this work I have continued making my original metal pieces. Taking my inspiration from patterns in nature, the resulting pieces become a fusion of delicate structures and glamorous embellishments.